Extract Labs CBD Shatter 1 gram- Various Flavors


Like other CBD waxes, shatter is best when dabbed, although it is possible to utilize it in other ways. When inhaled through the lungs, a potent dose of cannabinoids quickly enters the bloodstream. Because shatter is highly concentrated and vaping results in a quick onset, effects from shatter are stronger than other CBD methods. However, the effects don’t last as long. But how does CBD shatter make you feel?  All Extract Labs concentrates are re-infused with cannabis terpenes which give each flavor its unique character. Research is just starting to look at terpenes as the driver behind a strain’s effects, not whether it’s a Sativa or Indica like previously thought. There are hundreds of terpenes found in all plant life; they’re responsible for aromas and flavors, too.


Our Extract Labs is a CBD wax meant for dabbing or smoking.

Extract Labs shatter is made from premier high-end CBD isolate.

Isolate is CBD in it’s purest form, made by extracting all other plant compounds. 

100% THC Free

Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Cannabis-derived Terpenes


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