Why Buy Cannabis From The Hemp Spectrum?

Jan 26, 2024 | Cannabis-Derived THC and Legal Hemp-Derived THC

At The Hemp Spectrum, we pride ourselves on being Cannabis connoisseurs with a meticulous approach to our products.

What Sets Us Apart:

Cannabis Professionals: We are consumers first and foremost, and not only would we not sell something we wouldn’t feel comfortable using ourselves, but we go beyond that by not settling for anything less than amazing! Not only are we Cannabis connoisseurs; our team has impressive credentials when it comes to Cannabis professionalism. Our founders have over 14 combined years of experience in the legal hemp industry, with experience in all faucets of the industry including cultivation, processing and production, and retail sales.

Our team also has a number of Cannabis certifications and many years of professional experience amongst all of us. We all have a few things in common:

a) We are fascinated with the universal healing potential of Cannabis and want to share it with the world.
b) We are compassionate and truly care about helping improve people’s quality of life through Cannabis.
c) We enjoy using Cannabis personally, for recreational and medicinal purposes (all cannabinoids, not just THC).

Reliable Sources:

All of our products are hand selected by our team. First, we research the company, including reading customer reviews and company/website information. We only trust companies that are transparent and honest about what they offer and how they operate as a company. They have to have all of their ducks in a row, which means they need to have proper licensing and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all products.

Comprehensive Evaluation:

Once we decide we can trust a new product vendor, then we inspect COAs to ensure the company is being honest about what goes into each of their hemp products. We also make sure we are able to offer their product at an affordable price for our customers. We then request samples and our team tries the products. We inspect things like packaging, to make sure it’s clear what the product is and what’s in it.

For flower and concentrates, we don’t only look at the cannabinoid content, but also the terpene profile, the bag appeal (look, smell and touch/moisture of buds have to be on point), and inspect for anything that might look off, such as mold or sprayed cannabinoids.

For edibles, we make sure the products actually taste good but more importantly, feel good.
After trying the samples, our team gives honest feedback, and if the experience meets our collective standards and checks all of our boxes, we bring the new product into our store and celebrate!

We have a wide and growing selection of hand-picked Cannabis products that are third party lab tested, federally legal, and personally vetted by our team. If you ever have any questions regarding Cannabis, Hemp, or any of the products we offer, reach out to us! We are here to support you on your Cannabis journey, and we will ALWAYS respond!