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About The Hemp Spectrum

The Hemp Spectrum is your local all-inclusive Cannabis market. We offer a range of cannabinoid products including CBD, Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, THCV, CBG, CBN and more. We offer a variety of consumption methods including topicals, sublingual, edibles, vapes, flower and more, as well as have a large variety of animal friendly products. We offer products across the spectrum, including isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum options.

In Addition to cannabinoids, we are determined to educate our community about the 50,000 uses that hemp provides, so we offer a range of hemp alternatives to clothing, plastic, nutrition and more. At the Hemp Spectrum, there certainly is something for everyone!

Meet the Founders

With over 15 years of combined Cannabis & Hemp industry experience from the founders, including owning and operating Virginia’s first CBD product manufacturing company, CBD Livity, owning and operating a local USDA certified organic hemp farm, Love My Life Farms, as well as establishing a local non-profit organization, The Project Livity Foundation, dedicated to connecting hemp resources to communities in need; we are confident in our expertise to help guide your cannabis experience. Our team has a thirst for cannabis knowledge and a passion for educating others, which is why we commit ourselves to continued cannabis education. We also commit to vetting each and every product before we ever agree to sell it, by examining COAs, product reviews, and trying the products first hand. We are consumers first with quality as our first priority, and we promise to never sell products that we would not feel comfortable using or consuming ourselves. Our team at The Hemp Spectrum is sure to provide education, compassion, and genuine advice when helping find the right Cannabis products for you and your family.